Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Reads/Recs #4

Sorry about not updating last week. I really didn’t have any stories that really grabbed me that I wanted to share with you…until now...

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche
Author’s Summary
Jasper Hale, 21, is the son of a popular televangelist in Phoenix, and he couldn't be any further from a church-going goody two shoes. His attitude towards work, attending class, or contributing positively to society is lackadaisical at best. He drinks, smokes, and has a penchant for deflowering teenage girls. Bella attends private school with Edward Cullen, a senior who she's been in love with since 9th grade, when he moved to Phoenix. Too bad Edward is dating the most beautiful girl at St. Mary's, and doesn't even know Bella exists. But when Jasper sets his sights on Bella, Edward can't help but take notice. Will he protect her from girlfriend Rosalie's impious older brother? AH/AU/OOC and all that good stuff.

LaViePastiche has done an amazing job writing this story. I remember seeing it recommended on a blog awhile back but it wasn’t finished so I thought I would wait. Last night . I was searching around for a story to read and looking at the judges for the Eddies and Bellies and LaViePastiche is one of the judges and I clicked on her profile and saw that Son of a Preacher Man was completed. Yay! I had a story to read.

It is an Edward and Bella story but it starts out as a Jasper and Bella and Edward and Rosalie story. I know there are a lot of you that may not give the story a try with Edward and Bella being with someone else but I was actually starting to root for Jasper and Bella. I know it is always Edward and Bella but sometimes you want the under-dog to win. This Jasper just needs some loving…not just sexing…some actual loving. His parents are wacko and he didn’t get the right kind of loving at home. I stayed up until 2 am reading and finished it at lunch today. I liked the journey of the characters, how they grow and overcome issues. There is angst and loving and it is just a good story.

This Is Not My Life by isakassees
Author’s Summary
Follow Bella as she tries to survive a madman's abduction and keep a stranger's child from succumbing to his wild fantasies, and follow Edward as he tries to stay sane searching for his daughter taken right before his eyes.

I almost didn’t start reading because it is not finished but there 21 chapters completed and let me tell you that I could not stop reading. This story is so amazing. I had to find out what happened. There is violence and attempted sexual assault…so if that is something that bothers you, you may not want to read it.

The Bella in this story is strong and she is determined to keep Lily safe. Lily is Edward’s almost 5 year old daughter. I love Lily in this story too. She is a very smart and brave little one. You will like all of the characters in the story except James who is crazy and hurts Bella. I am looking forward to seeing how Bella and Lily will overcome any post traumatic stress they may have and how Bella will fit into Edward and Lily’s lives. I would love to see this story made into a movie. I would go see it for sure!

Well that is my little update! Have a great week! Enjoy!

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