Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How did this crazy Twilight obsession start?

I never considered myself a reader prior to Twilight. I only read maybe one or two books a year before this madness started.
I actually had no plans on reading the books. I am a youth leader at my church and all of the girls were like Twilight...Edward...Jacob...I was like please...really vampires and Forks, WA???
Well, it all started on June 27, 2009. I went camping with my family and I decided to bring Twilight along. Since that day, I haven't read something Twilight related...books, blogs, fanfiction. I finished the series and Midnight Sun in a week. I was late to work twice because I stayed up too late reading. I re-read them 4 times in a row. I couldn't get enough.

Me reading Twilight for first time.

I live in Washington and my 12 year-old niece came to visit in July. We took a trip to out to Forks. We had a lot of fun. We took the Twilight Tour and the crazy thing was I was the only person from Washington on the tour. It was fun to meet other people that loved Edward Cullen as much as me.
Go Spartans!
The Swan Home!
The Cullen's Home...more like the book.
I didn't tell them that I was with the Vampires.
The City of Forks welcomes you and every other Twifan!
First Beach on the Rez!
By August, I wanted daughter told me I should check out Twilight Fanfiction. She used to read Harry Potter Fanfiction all of the time. I found and started reading. I have to say I became a little obsessive about it. I started reading Alternate Universe (AU) - New Moon stories. I love the angst in them. Now my favorite stories are All Human (AH) I wish I could remember what the first story that "owned" me was. It took me about a month to figure out that I should review stories and set up my favorite. I need to be a better reviewer. I tend to only review when I finish a story. I am trying to be better. I had no idea what amazing writers wrote fanfiction. I have to say if I knew how lemony they could be I may have paid a little more attention to what my daughter was reading when she was 14. Now she tells me...
 I went to the Twilight convention in Seattle in January with my good friend Patty. We had a good time. I was really excited to meet Peter Facinelli (Carlisle). He is really nice and very humble. The other actors that we got to meet are Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Kiowa Gordon (Embry), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Charlie Bewley (Demetri). They had a vampire ball which was fun. I also enjoyed meeting other people. I found out that I am not as crazy of a fangirl as I thought...there are others that are way crazier than me. Even though I had a lot of fun, I am not sure if I would go to another convention...only if Rob was there, but he is way too busy to do these types of conventions.

Peter Facinelli was our first speaker. He is awesome!!!

 This is Candace Charee' is singing happy birthday to me and another lady. She was a lot of fun. Check her out at 

Reggie Ginn was our next performer. She is awesome. Check her out at
Charlie and Dan were lots of fun.

Chaske was awesome too. He seems to be a really nice guy.

Me and Patty at the vampire ball!

There weren't too many men at the ball.

Patty and I with the Hillywood gang! Of course I had to stand beside pretend Edward.

Even though I am all about the Vampires...the wolf boys were so much fun!

Peter and I. He is a cutie!!!

So now you know how it all started...

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