Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meeting Icy!

In September, I got to have a super big fangirl moment when I got to meet Icy aka E.L. James. She will always be Icy to me because when I read Master of the Universe that was who she was in our fandom.

I occasionally tweet with her. She’s a busy women with all she has going on. I'm always thrilled  when she tweets me back.

I was really excited that she was doing a book signing in Seattle and happy to meet the person that created the characters that I love Fifty, Anna and her inner goddess and of course who doesn’t like reading a little kinky fuckery !

I went with @tispy_daisy. We met up with @Red_Bella and her friend and my new friend @Eeyorefan12.

We stood in line and had so much anticipation. I had my camera ready to take pics of @tispy_daisy and @Red_Bella but missed the moment. They went by so fast. I didn’t have time. It was basically her people handing her the book to sign and saying this is so & so. She signed the book and then the next person.

After Icy signed @tispy_daisy’s book she looked up at me and stood up and said “Chye-Lin.” I walked up to her and gave her a big hug! I was truly fangirling. She recognized me from my twitter picture so inside I was like “Squeee!!!”  I made her some Rob Pins and gave them to her. She handed them to her manager and told her not to lose them! I told her it was lovely meeting her and thanked her for coming to Seattle and she thanked me and the moment was over. 

@Eeyorefan12 captured this moment of the hug! 

It was sooooo fast and such a fangirl moment for me! Fun highlight to my year!