Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know this may be hard for a few of you to believe but I didn’t always have the crazy huge crush on Rob that I do now. I got into twilight after the first movie came out and I would hear things about how Rob was so hot but I (dun dun dun) didn’t think so.

It may because I saw pictures of Rob like this.

Or Like This....
You can’t deny that some pictures of Rob are just not good.
I saw the Twilight Movie after it came out on DVD and I thought Rob looked pretty good but I still wasn’t crazy fan girl over him.

Edward looks bothered!
How I didn't go fan girl over this...I do not know!
Then one day I listened to the Twilight sound track…I don’t know what happened when I heard him sing the “aha aha” in “Let Me Sign” a switch went off in my brain. His warm bluesy voice gave me goose bumps especially when he sings the lyrics, “I’ll wrap you in my arms.”

 I hit repeat over and over and switched back from “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”.

The passion that comes through in his singing voice gives me chills. When I found out he was a musician too that increased the hotness factor by a bazillion!
Even carrying a guitar increases his HOTNESS!
I love his fingers!
Piano Rob! *Sigh*
I have been Robobessed ever since...which is a little strange to me since I never did this as a teen girl.  Sure I had a crush on John Taylor from Duran Duran but I wouldn't say it was an obsession. 

For all of you youngins~this is John Taylor! Ignore the mullet, it was the 80's. Now that I look at John -
Rob kind of reminds me of him....Huh
It could be because we didn't have the Internet back in those days and now I can go on-line and google Robert Pattinson images and look at him when I want or do a daily check of some other Rob Bloggers: RobPattzNews or ROBsessed .
You know I like to share Rob Porn ~ below are a few of my fav ~ Enjoy~
What can I say about this picture?  Happy Trail and Hip....Oh My!
The look in his eyes! Opps........ I fainted!
More eyes and Lips. He has perfect lips.

This pic makes me want to run my fingers through his hair and chest hair too!
Now my Rob crush may not be "age appropriate" for someone my age and some of my friends tell me this crazy Rob/Twilight obsession is my "mid-life crisis" all I have to say to them is F@#& Off and let me enjoy Rob!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Saw a Huge Wiener!!!

So this afternoon, one of my co-worker returned from his break and told us that the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was over at Fred Meyers. My little work group decided to take a break and walk over so George could get his picture with the Wienermobile.

George and the Wienermobile

Silly me, I didn't think about taking Mini Edward with me until I got there. I tweeted a picture about the huge wiener I saw and @LivingWEdward asked me if I had a Mini Edward to take a picture with it. I had already decided when we got back to the office I would grab Mini Edward and go back for pictures.

So as you can imagine especially with my mind in the gutter how the conversations about going to see a huge wiener would go. Well...we talked about Til-I-Cum Park in Forks and then one of my co-workers said what about Steil-I-Come (That is the town I live in -hehehe). I told him that Steil is better than Til. Another co-worker mentioned another park that is close by called Wonder Wood. We are so bad!

When I got back another co-worker decided to take a break and go back with me because it's not every day you see a big wiener!

Mini-E posin' with the Huge Wiener!

Mini-E representing the all the Twitards!

I should have sat him on the Wienermobile. Then I could say here is Mini-E with his big wiener, huge wiener, sharing his wiener, or look it's Edward's wiener! Oh well....

All this writing and thinking about big wieners got me started thinking about Big Wieners. You know which ones I'm talking about. I know guys have this thing about wanting to have a big Wiener but sometimes there is a thing called TOO Big! I'm sure a few of us have experience at least one Scary Huge Wiener. I know some of you have heard this story but I am going to share my Scary Huge Wiener experience for those of you who haven't heard it. Back in high school I had a crush on this guy named James. Come to think of it he kind of reminds me of Twilight James (Cam Gigandet) without the ponytail.

Yes he was hot and that is why I had this crush on him. Well one afternoon we went over to his house and started making out and one thing lead to another. Well the time to get naked came and when I saw his Scary Huge Wiener. I told him that there is no way he was gonna put that thing in me! When I say Scary Huge Wiener...I really mean Scary Huge Wiener! Poor guy...he was cock blocked by his Scary Huge Wiener.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things I loved About FOOOOOOOOORKS!

1. I loved that I had an amazing time!

2. I loved meeting my some of my twitter friends!

3. I loved meeting new friends!

4. I loved that people came from all over the world and country!

5. I loved that my friends Lesa and Lisa came with me!

6. I loved that we had beautiful weather!

7. I loved that everyone loved the Rob porn pins I made!

8. I loved that people got a kick out of my car with the I heart fifty and Laters Baby stickers on it!

9. I loved that everyone was so sweet and nice!

10. I loved that I got the chance to get away!

Fanfiction Favs

I have been transitioning my on-line name to Twi-Lin and I changed my FFN profile name to Twi-Lin and for some reason when you search by Twi-Lin it doesn't find me. I don't know why but here is the link to my favorites page:

Here are links to some of my other favorite stories that are on blogs:

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Happy reading!