Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know this may be hard for a few of you to believe but I didn’t always have the crazy huge crush on Rob that I do now. I got into twilight after the first movie came out and I would hear things about how Rob was so hot but I (dun dun dun) didn’t think so.

It may because I saw pictures of Rob like this.

Or Like This....
You can’t deny that some pictures of Rob are just not good.
I saw the Twilight Movie after it came out on DVD and I thought Rob looked pretty good but I still wasn’t crazy fan girl over him.

Edward looks bothered!
How I didn't go fan girl over this...I do not know!
Then one day I listened to the Twilight sound track…I don’t know what happened when I heard him sing the “aha aha” in “Let Me Sign” a switch went off in my brain. His warm bluesy voice gave me goose bumps especially when he sings the lyrics, “I’ll wrap you in my arms.”

 I hit repeat over and over and switched back from “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”.

The passion that comes through in his singing voice gives me chills. When I found out he was a musician too that increased the hotness factor by a bazillion!
Even carrying a guitar increases his HOTNESS!
I love his fingers!
Piano Rob! *Sigh*
I have been Robobessed ever since...which is a little strange to me since I never did this as a teen girl.  Sure I had a crush on John Taylor from Duran Duran but I wouldn't say it was an obsession. 

For all of you youngins~this is John Taylor! Ignore the mullet, it was the 80's. Now that I look at John -
Rob kind of reminds me of him....Huh
It could be because we didn't have the Internet back in those days and now I can go on-line and google Robert Pattinson images and look at him when I want or do a daily check of some other Rob Bloggers: RobPattzNews or ROBsessed .
You know I like to share Rob Porn ~ below are a few of my fav ~ Enjoy~
What can I say about this picture?  Happy Trail and Hip....Oh My!
The look in his eyes! Opps........ I fainted!
More eyes and Lips. He has perfect lips.

This pic makes me want to run my fingers through his hair and chest hair too!
Now my Rob crush may not be "age appropriate" for someone my age and some of my friends tell me this crazy Rob/Twilight obsession is my "mid-life crisis" all I have to say to them is F@#& Off and let me enjoy Rob!


  1. Amen, bb! :-) I'm right there with ya!!!

  2. Yikes, those first few pictures are not good. Proof that he's human? Nah. Probably photoshopped by Zac Efron in an attempt to regain equal footing with The Precious. :)

  3. OMFG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I FULLY understand.

    I ABHORRED the Twilight Saga up until July of,yes 2010. I used to make fun of my girlfriends who were uber-duber, really into it. I didn’t get his messy, didn’t shower for weeks hair nor did I like how skinny he was. I thought he was a horrid actor too. I saw Twilight and laughed the entire time. I used to refer to Edward as “disco ball.” Every time I saw one, I pointed to it and told Jamie her boyfriend was here.

    So WTF happened to me? I humored my friends and went to see Eclipse and had an Oprah “Ah-Ha” moment. Since seeing Eclipse I have read all four books (holy shit no wonder everyone was into it), Google Robert Pattinson on an hourly basis, and spend endless amazing time blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and obsessing with you and all the other ladies who are as hooked as I am!

    THANK YOU for letting me know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t “get it” as first!

  4. Finally someone who apprieciates Rob's body hair the way I do.