Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things I loved About FOOOOOOOOORKS!

1. I loved that I had an amazing time!

2. I loved meeting my some of my twitter friends!

3. I loved meeting new friends!

4. I loved that people came from all over the world and country!

5. I loved that my friends Lesa and Lisa came with me!

6. I loved that we had beautiful weather!

7. I loved that everyone loved the Rob porn pins I made!

8. I loved that people got a kick out of my car with the I heart fifty and Laters Baby stickers on it!

9. I loved that everyone was so sweet and nice!

10. I loved that I got the chance to get away!


  1. and we loved meeting you :)

    Thank you for the pin :)

    Until next time... Be safe.

  2. I LOOOOVVVVEDDD meeting you!! And, the Robporn pin is absolutely fantastic!! :-) I think I'm gonna wear it loud and proud tomorrow! Ha!

  3. I loved meeting y'all too! I'm glad you liked the pins :)

  4. LOOOOOOOOVED the Robporn Pin Hard!!! Even more amazing was meeting YOU!

  5. Thank you so much for the Porn Pin. My mini E, Swagga E, loves that he has a picture of himself.. on himself!