Sunday, November 20, 2011

Young Love

I had a vivid dream awhile back where I met Kristen Stewart. I had this dream back in February 2011 prior to my trip to Vancouver, BC to see 100 Monkeys. You can read about the trip here.

They look so happy!
 My dream:
I walked into a coffee shop in Vancouver and Kristen was sitting alone at a small round table. She had on a white hoodie with the hood up. Her back was to the door, so I didn't notice her when I walked in. I went to the counter and ordered a cup of tea. As I was walking out, I saw Kristen sitting there. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. I continued to walk out of the coffee shop but stopped and turned around and went back to her table. I told her that I was sorry to bother her but I was a huge fan of hers and Twilight. She did her little awkward shrug and thanked me. We started talking and she invited me to sit down with her. During the conversation I told her that as a fan I love the thought of her and Rob being together as a couple even though we don't know for sure. She looked at me, smiled, ran her fingers through her hair and nodded. She told me that yeah, they were together but she was worried about being so young and in a serious relationship. I told her that I can understand that because I met my husband when I was 16. We got together when I was 18, married at 19 and we had been married for 22 years. I remember telling her that young love can make it. They would make it if they make "Them" a priority. The dream gets patchy after that but I remember feeling like the conversation was like a mother/daughter conversation and once we finished talking we hugged good-bye.

She's thinking..."Yeah! He's mine!"
 When I woke up from this dream I was like WTF??? Why would I dream about Kristen and why was it so detailed?

He's thinking, "She's mine!"
 I am a fan of Robsten and I really do love the idea of them being together. I have pondered this question WHY do I care if they are together or not? I do not know them in real life...of course I would want them to be happy just like I would for anyone else but why them? I don't know why. It may be because they play the characters Bella and Edward and Bella and Edward's relationship represents true eternal love. I don't know. I just know I want them to be successful and happy!

 I like that they haven't come out and said "Yes, we are together!" Their relationship is special and can just be theirs even in the crazy glass house they live in. I do love the hint's they give us. They have a dog together, wear each other's clothes, her boyfriend is "English", his girlfriend is back in "L.A.", London Apartment, holding hands...I could go on.

Holding hands!
 I absolutely love the way they look at each other! The first time I really felt like yes - they are together was back when they were on the Oprah Show. I remember watching the look on Rob's face when she was talking and I told my husband, "Look, he loves her." I believe they do love each other!

They love each other! 
 I often think that she is one lucky girl to get to kiss Rob and do whatever they do together (wink wink), but he is also a lucky guy! He is with a beautiful and talented young woman. I am happy for them! I really hope that their relationship can survive the craziness of Hollywood!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last week I went on an epic journey…at least for me it was EPIC!

It was a journey of personal growth and fun. Last weekend I traveled on an airplane all by myself and flew down to Los Angeles. This was the first time that I had traveled by myself. I know for some of you this may not be a big deal but for me it was HUGE!!!! I do not like going anywhere by myself. I felt weird emotions. I was excited and scared at the same time! I did have a lot of incentive to go because I was going to the Twilight Convention to see Robert Pattinson in person!
Leaving on a Jet Plane...
My trip was planned at the last minute and the wonderful @TwiredJen said I could room with her, @17foreverlisa and @allthingsHHH on Saturday night. Friday night I stayed in a hotel by the airport that had a free shuttle and survived the night. The only misadventure was when I was getting out of bed at 4 am to go pee and wacked my head on a picture frame that jutted out 2 inches from the wall. I had a lump for days. Yes, I did a Bella!

The bump wasn't really this big but it felt like it! OUCH!
Saturday morning I took the shuttle back to the airport to catch a shuttle to the Hyatt where the Twilight Convention was. I met up with @twiredjen and we got to check in early. Yay! I was glad I didn’t have to carry my backpack around all day!
@TwiredJen and her Mini Edward
Since I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket, my seat was Q70 – the second to last row on far right of the stage. It was kinda far, but hey I was there.
View from my seat
Of course the most exciting thing for me was to see Rob and Kristen! I really wanted to see their interaction together. I love them and the thought that they are so in love! I really really really want to belie3ve they are. I think they are. I love the way they look at each other and casually touch each other…anyways, I’m rambling.

First up was Tinsel and Alex.

I liked Melissa Rosenburg’s interview.  I missed most of Christian Camargo and Mia Maestro panel because I went to get something to eat.

Cullen Panel of Jackson, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Peter was awesome. I was having camera issues due to the fact that I was so far away and the camera wanted to focus on the faces on the large screen behind them instead of the people on stage so I kind of gave up on having great pictures. If you want to see some great pictures check out my friends @TwiloveSue and @TwiredJen blogs: and

Jackson and his amazing smile!
This picture amused me...Ashley's mouth is twisted one way and Peter's is the opposite.

Cullen's signing the Huge banner. I tried to get picture of Jackson's bum but the Hillywood gal was in the way.
Oh look here it is!
They squeezed Charlie Bewely in between the Cullens and the main event of the Twifecta with Bill Condon.
 Charle Bewley!
When Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Bill came on stage, I really wanted to just enjoy it and be in the moment. I tried to snap a few pictures but sometimes when I take pictures I miss out on the whole experience so I gave up and just took it all in. Rob, even from the back of the room, was so handsome and his adorkable self. Kristen was beautiful as ever but you could tell she was a bit uncomfortable. There were some fans just yelling out random stuff and it was distracting and I think a bit annoying to them on stage. Actually I really couldn’t tell you what they said at the time because I was so excited to see them. I had to watch it again on after I got home. If you want to see the panel you can see it here at Robert Pattinson News Once it was over I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I really felt like I could cry and I was trying to understand why and I still don’t understand. If someone figures it out please let me know.

The BodyGuards!

Love pictures of Rob looking at Kristen!

Ooooo! A glimps of Rob belly!

Handsome Rob!

Laughing Rob!
What is is about his hands????

I'm glad he didn't sign Bella's Boob.

Good bye! Until next year!

The rest of the weekend was great I had dinner with @MandysMind, @TwiredJen, @17foreverLisa, @dangrdafne.
@TwiredJen, @dangrdafne, & me

We went back to the hotel and Jen and I had great girl talk and Lisa joined us for a bit. Michelle finally joined us and we talked awhile she is great.

Sunday I really wanted to go see Rob, Kristen and Taylor’s handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater but they were not on display yet. I had no car to get around. @allthingsHHH and I went to mall and had lunch at the food court. Then went back to the hotel and hung out in the lobby until the group of people she was with headed out for the day. I spent the time reading and people watching. I found @dangrdafne and her mom and visited with them until they left to get dinner. They got back a few minutes before my shuttle was picked me up to go to the airport around 5:45.

I was sad and happy to go home. A weekend is was too fast to visit with online friends with whom you have become real life friends. I think this statement by Jackson sums up the weekend:

“It always makes me really happy to see fan inspired artwork or fan fiction. To me the most beautiful aspect of being a part of this series is how much you all love it. And not just the movies, but with each other. You have an amazing community you’ve created around the entire world. That’s amazing. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here!”