Sunday, November 20, 2011

Young Love

I had a vivid dream awhile back where I met Kristen Stewart. I had this dream back in February 2011 prior to my trip to Vancouver, BC to see 100 Monkeys. You can read about the trip here.

They look so happy!
 My dream:
I walked into a coffee shop in Vancouver and Kristen was sitting alone at a small round table. She had on a white hoodie with the hood up. Her back was to the door, so I didn't notice her when I walked in. I went to the counter and ordered a cup of tea. As I was walking out, I saw Kristen sitting there. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. I continued to walk out of the coffee shop but stopped and turned around and went back to her table. I told her that I was sorry to bother her but I was a huge fan of hers and Twilight. She did her little awkward shrug and thanked me. We started talking and she invited me to sit down with her. During the conversation I told her that as a fan I love the thought of her and Rob being together as a couple even though we don't know for sure. She looked at me, smiled, ran her fingers through her hair and nodded. She told me that yeah, they were together but she was worried about being so young and in a serious relationship. I told her that I can understand that because I met my husband when I was 16. We got together when I was 18, married at 19 and we had been married for 22 years. I remember telling her that young love can make it. They would make it if they make "Them" a priority. The dream gets patchy after that but I remember feeling like the conversation was like a mother/daughter conversation and once we finished talking we hugged good-bye.

She's thinking..."Yeah! He's mine!"
 When I woke up from this dream I was like WTF??? Why would I dream about Kristen and why was it so detailed?

He's thinking, "She's mine!"
 I am a fan of Robsten and I really do love the idea of them being together. I have pondered this question WHY do I care if they are together or not? I do not know them in real life...of course I would want them to be happy just like I would for anyone else but why them? I don't know why. It may be because they play the characters Bella and Edward and Bella and Edward's relationship represents true eternal love. I don't know. I just know I want them to be successful and happy!

 I like that they haven't come out and said "Yes, we are together!" Their relationship is special and can just be theirs even in the crazy glass house they live in. I do love the hint's they give us. They have a dog together, wear each other's clothes, her boyfriend is "English", his girlfriend is back in "L.A.", London Apartment, holding hands...I could go on.

Holding hands!
 I absolutely love the way they look at each other! The first time I really felt like yes - they are together was back when they were on the Oprah Show. I remember watching the look on Rob's face when she was talking and I told my husband, "Look, he loves her." I believe they do love each other!

They love each other! 
 I often think that she is one lucky girl to get to kiss Rob and do whatever they do together (wink wink), but he is also a lucky guy! He is with a beautiful and talented young woman. I am happy for them! I really hope that their relationship can survive the craziness of Hollywood!


  1. Sigh I love this. I also wonder why I care so much about them..but it's because of Edward and Bella...but also that their happiness radiates off of them in pictures and interviews. It's awesome to see 2 people who just gravitate so much towards each other and are so consumed by each other but are able to keep their relationship private. I think that's what makes it work so well. It seems like they bring each other up so much now in separate inteviews... it's adorable.

  2. Love them and so glad I FINALLY came over to your blog.

    Robsten 4 eva'!

    xo J

  3. Gorgeous pics! Sending you big hugs lovely. I miss you xx