Monday, March 14, 2011

Vampires, Wolves, Swans, Monkeys, and Canadian Peen

Recently my friend @tipsy_daisy and I headed up to Vancouver, BC to hopefully see some sparkly vampires, maybe some wolves or swans, and definitely some monkeys.
Vancouver is a beautiful city!
 We had quite the adventure. We left on Thursday night after work and had an uneventful drive up. @tipsy_daisy and I got a little silly once we got to Vancouver after a 3 hour drive. There are lots of blinky traffic lights and it was a bit stinky when we drove by an industrial area and a skunk. So she said that so far Canada was stinky and blinky.

We roomed with @red_bella and stayed up until 2:00 am talking and catching up. Our room had a king size bed and a couch with a hide-a-bed. @red_bella was taking the hide-a-bed so as we went to our room. We heard @red_bella scream. The hide-a-bed had folded her up like a taco. So she decided to sleep on the couch.
Taco good for eating but not to sleeping.
The next morning we had a slow start to the day as we were taking turns to get ready. @tipsy_daisy yells, "A butt! A naked butt!" Our room faced condos on the other side and I saw the naked guy walking away from the window. He was in pretty good shape not like ugly naked guy from Friends.

Ugly Naked Guy and Ross
Well now we became creepy voyeurs and watched. Was he going to come back to the window or stay away? Well naked guy is a bit of an exhibitionist because not only did he walk back to the window. We got a full frontal view! We were too far away so I can't tell you if he was circumcised or not but we did see Canadian Peen! We didn't have to pay 25 cents for a peep show! We also changed rooms because of the taco bed and got a larger suite that had a better view of naked guys room.

We went out for lunch and had heard there was filming going on at the Cullen house so we thought we might catch a glimpse of someone. But no luck...roads closed and we talked with the security gal for awhile.

We were supposed to met up with people for early dinner before going to see 100 Monkeys but greater Vancouver traffic did not work in our favor. We made it back to hotel at 5:30. Grabbed a bite to eat, got a taxi and made it to the Venue to stand in line for awhile. @kintail and her friend was in line in front of us and she found a great area to the side of the stage it was a little higher up than the floor so we had a great view. I think people thought it was a VIP area because it was just our group there.

@cupcakegirl76 was there with her sister and brother in law. She did a great review of the evening on her blog. We also met up with @Lorabell, @mandysmind and others.
@red_bella being silly with a monkey.
The opening band was pretty good but I spent most of my time trying to get my new camera to work and I had major camera issues. I should have brought one of my husband's with the long lens but I wanted to bring my new one.
See major camera issues.
Finally 100 Monkeys came on stage but monkey was missing and it was Jackson! He was delayed due to filming that day but they were able to put on another show later that night at another place. I try and keep my love for 100 Monkeys and my Twilight fandness (yes I made up a word) separate and 100 Monkeys didn't disappoint even though they were missing Jackson. I love them! I was singing along and dancing when a very tipsy girl came up to me and thanked me for being a fan. It kind of cracked me up!
After the show we went down the street and to the Forum for the next show.

Sign outside Forum.
That place was packed and we waited and waited. The opening bands played and we waited some more! Finally around 1:00 a.m., 100 Monkeys came on stage and Jackson was delicious!

@cupcakegirl76 posted this video on her blog and if you watch at :42 This is the moment in time when the whole trip was worth it! I was singing along to Orson Brawl (slightly off key - sorry people around me), jumping and then magic happened...Jackson made eye contact with me! I waved to him and totally squeeeed! This is my blog and my reality so I believe he was really making eye contact with me!

My friend @jaymes805 got to meet them in LA a few weeks ago. Read about it here. If you read about it then you know about Pirate Girl so I asked everyone around me to yell out pirates for the improv song but as you can hear from the video it was only me and my big mouth yelling.

I tried Jamie...their improv song about Charlie Sheen - Winning was too funny!

It was a great night! Have I mentioned that I love them? I love LOVE them!!!

The next day they were doing another performance at Neptoon records at noon. I thought we were going to be so late and miss them but we made it in time and that place was so packed I couldn't really see them while they were performing but tried to take pictures over people's heads. 

Check out pentictongrrl's videos from Neptoon on YouTube .

Another great performance and then a meet and greet.  It was great meeting the entire band! I had them sign pictures that I took at their show back in July and I gave them a copy of the photo. Which I think was kind of weird to do now but oh well. Uncle Larry was delightful and so kind. Ben J. seem a little shy but was nice. Oh course Jackson was so sweet I tried to talk to him about meeting Jamie but their people moved me along and I couldn't finish the conversation. I think confused Jerad with the giving him a picture of himself but he was nice. I have to say that I have a bit of a crush on Ben G! He would be so much fun to hang out with! I told them that I loved them because they make me feel young and Ben G. said, "But you are young!" Aweeee he was very sweet! I was a bit bummed that we couldn't take pictures with them but meeting them was great and I don't think I was too creepy of a fan girl! I hope I get another chance to meet them in the future!

I don't know why this uploaded this direction. It is ok on my PC.
 After our great 100 Monkey adventure. We went on our Twilight set hunt. @red_bella had the Cullen House and Jacob's House in her GPS so they were pretty easy to find.
The Cullen house was really nice!
The snow still hadn't melted from the week before.
Jacob's House
We went to find Bella and Edward's cottage. I was starting to think that we were in the wrong area and that Sasquatch was going to jump out of forest. We were driving in the middle of the what seemed to be nowhere. There was lots of mossy trees and twilight was upon us when what do you know on the side of the road we saw big power cords and around the bend was the security guard in the driveway of Bella and Edward's Cottage. We talked to him for a bit and he was a super nice guy. He is a children's performer called Ish da Fish when he isn't doing security. We couldn't see the cottage too well, they did have screens up and were getting ready to film on the next Monday and the mosquitoes were crazy out there. They have hearty mosquitoes in Canada. We didn't want our blood sucked out by anything other than vampires so we headed off to the Swan House.
Bella and Edward's Cottage
It was very dark when we arrived at the Swan house and kind of spooky.

Spooky Swan house!
Not as spooky in the day time - We drove by on our way home
Bella's room and fake tree
We were so tired from our late nights we ordered pizza instead of hitting the town that night and you know what we missed from my previous post. I still can't believe Rob, Kristen and Kellan were next door as I was sleeping!

The next morning got up and checked out to met my cousin in chinatown for lunch before our drive home. We had a nice visit but when we came back to my car, the back window was busted and my laptop case and everything in it was stolen (laptop, nook, charging cords, outline of story that I want to write).

Yes, they even hurt my Laters Baby sticker! Bastards!
I have tried really hard not to let that ruin my weekend. Friday and Saturday were so much fun and some stupid jerk made my weekend really expensive. Oh well it is just stuff and we were ok. Even though we didn't see any vampires other than Jackson, wolves or swans, I have great memories of our Canadian adventure!


  1. SUCH an amazing post!!! I'm so glad you ladies had a great weekend despite the hiccup at the end of the trip. SO jealous that you all got to see 3 100 Monkeys shows. :) Your pics are droooolworthy and I've definitely saved a few to my computer haha.

    Love love love the pirate vid. I seriously have watched it a few times and crack up every single time. Even though they didn't sing about pirates, I think the charlie sheen one was perfection (haven't listened to chapstick yet). I definitely agree with you about all the guys. Wasnt much of a Ben G fan until seeing him in person. I was a fan of him but didn't think he was that cute until I met him. Now I'm totally Team Graupbone. ;)

  2. Lol btw the word varification made me type in GRAPP. Wonder if that's a could either be for Grape or Graup ;)

  3. That looked like a bunch of fun! Thanks for your post. Nice to see Deb. Good pics of the band and Jackson. Love the hats! Don't hit me, but I haven't gotten into the 100 Monkey phase just yet. I'll have start listening.

    Sorry about your car. :( Yes it's just stuff, but it's not their stuff, jerks!

    I'm gonna have to get my passport if I get the itch to cross the border. Putting that on my list!

  4. I was enjoying every single word of your post until I got to the end. No way!! Someone damaged the Laters Baby sticker? That's crossing the line.

    Seriously, though, I am so sorry that happened to you. So not fair.

    Everything else was phenomenal and you did a great job sharing your adventure with us. I was following TC's tweets the long night you had. How cool is Jackson for still coming after what had to be an incredibly long day on set. Dedication.

    You got amazing photos both days. He looks gorgeous, of course, but hot and sweaty? Unf!

    Very cool that you got to set stalk. Would love to do sometime.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. I loved reading all of this (except the car part. :( so sorry that happened)

    Jackson is just such an entertainer. And I'm loving his blond hair. Looks like he looked directly at you for the first picture you posted of the show the next day.

    What an adventure stalking the sets!!!!

  6. I clicked on this from the comment you left on jaymes Rathgasm blog post. I had to tell you that 1st loved this posting and 2nd I am so excited that you had posted the photo of the autographs that you got from 100Monkeys. I went to their show in Boston this past week and was surprised when they decided to do a signing after the show. No pics allowed but everyone could get something signed. I was so excited and wanted to really look at them and make eye contact if possible while they were signing that I didn't pay attention to which autograph belonged to which person. Thanks to your photo I was able to match mine up and now know! Thank you so much!!! :)
    I've been a 100Monkey fan for awhile now and will admit that Jackson drew me in, but the music and ALL of them have kept me a fan. After seeing them live, I am fully addicted! I too can say that listening to them and seeing them live make me feel young too!