Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The other day I was reading on a group board for submissive women about this term called sub frenzy. Sub Frenzy is defined in the Submissive Guide as: "Sub Frenzy is a state of mind that you may experience at any point in your submission. It is most commonly associated with new submissives, but it can also come about when more seasoned submissives end a relationship or even during a relationship. During submissive frenzy, you may feel a desperate need to have your desires fulfilled. Many of the activities in BDSM can be considered addictive and frenzy is much like a withdrawal stage."

If this picture doesn't cause a frezny you are not breathing!
As I was reading through the post I thought about how many of us have or have had Twi-Frenzy. I know I did! I was so obsessed! I couldn't get enough of Twilight, Rob, or Fanfiction!
So I have some questions for you…
  • Did you have any twi-frenzy when you were new?
  • If so, how did it manifest itself?
  • What were your particular symptoms?
  • Did you make poor decisions?
  • What is your definition of twi-frenzy?
  • How long do you think it lasts?
  • How can you tell if you are out of it?
  • If you've experienced it before, did anyone point it out to you?
  • Did you believe them?
  • Did it make you rethink and change your behavior?
  • Would you share any experiences you've had while in the throes of frenzy?
Rob causes a frenzy everywhere he goes!
Here are my answers to the above questions:
  • Did you have any twi-frenzy when you were new? Yes
    Edward: "Say it...outloud!" Me: "Hi my name is Twi-Lin and I suffer from Twi-Frenzy"
  • If so, how did it manifest itself? I have mentioned in a previous post that I was never a reader before Twilight. I read the series in a week and then re-read and read again. I couldn't get enough. Then my daughter told me about fanfiction and that was all she wrote. LOL!
  • What were your particular symptoms? Daily checking Blogs, Daily Goggling Rob, Going to work late or missing due to staying up all night reading a fanfiction story. I have read 100's of fanfiction stories – I'm a total Fic H00r.
  • Did you make poor decisions? I think the poor decisions that I have made were missing work because I was too tired from reading. I wasted a lot of leave time. That was stupid. The story will still be there…or maybe not... it may get pulled so need to read or download it right away!
  • What is your definition of twi-frenzy? Being obsessed! When the only thing that consumes your thoughts is something Twilight related.
  • If I was Kristin I would always be in Rob Frenzy!
  • How long do you think it lasts? I think I am starting to come out of my frenzy…It's been over a week I can't find a story to read and I'm actually doing other things that I enjoy!
  • If you've experienced it before, did anyone point it out to you? All of my non-twi friends and my family.
  • Did you believe them? Yes I am totally aware of my obsession.
  • More frezy!
  • Did it make you rethink and change your behavior? NOT JUST NO…HELL NO!
  • Would you share any experiences you've had while in the throes of frenzy? If you read my blog then you already know all of this but because of my frenzy…I went to Forks with the Twitards and have met some amazing women who are my dear friends. I can't wait to see them again this fall. I went to California for Eclipse DVD release @alltwiedup's house and had soooooo much fun! I have gone to two twilight conventions and met several Twilight stars. I went to see some Twilight sets in Vancouver, BC. I have seen 100 Monkeys four times and I'm going to see them twice this summer.   
    Headboard Frenzy!
I think in the whole scheme of life being in a Twi-frenzy isn't too detrimental. It's a lot of fun! A nice escape from real life and you get to meet the most awesome people ever!


  1. Shoot girl, I suffer from it too!!! I'm so thankful I was able to meet you!! <3 I love you.

  2. Since I haven't commented here before I figure the best thing I could do is answer all your questions.
    2)It crept up on me by reading the books in four days then scouring the web looking for anything Twilight related and then reading Midnight Sun in about 8 hours.
    3)first off starting blogging, then needing to check every Twi blog under the sun about 15 times a day, turning into a fanfic h00r.
    4)I’ve ignored the kids I watch so I could read fanfic… I’ve made them watch Twilight so they could play the board games with me. Not so much bad decisions just maybe a bit.. odd.
    5)My definition would have to be obsessing over Twilight or anything Twilight related, connecting Twilight to things ALL. THE. TIME. and wanting to sparkle 
    6)I have a feeling this is going to last until far after Breaking Dawn part 2 has been off store shelves.
    7)My best friend and my sister both pointed out that I’m a tad on the overwhelming side when it comes to Twilight
    8)I believe to them I’m overwhelming but when I’m with my Twi friends I’m home!
    9)Change my behavior??? Naaaaah
    10)Let’s see I went to the Oprah Twi taping, I have met people in RL that I have met through Twi blogging, I flew to New York to see Rob at the WFE premiere, made friends with 2 girls on the street in line waiting for wristbands there, met 2 girls at the PFach autograph signing that I paid out the nose for a picture and autograph, I’m going to see 100 Monkeys this summer with my bloggy friends in Chicago.. .this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    But the best part is all the amazing people I have met in person, or met online that I have such an instant connection with… I shudder to think what my life would be like without Twilight and all the wonderful people I have met and become friends with because of it.

    How was that for my first official comment?? :)

  3. @Demanda - I am sooooo glad I met you too! I love you bunches! :)

    @MrsKassieCullen - Thanks for leaving your first comment! :) I loved reading your answers. It is so nice to know we are not alone. I agree the best part is the amazing people we get to become friends with. :)

  4. Definite Twi-Frenzy that included the movie, Rob, the books, more Rob, blogs, then fanfiction, and now the everything including the other actors!

    The hardest part is not basing all of my decisions around Twilight. If I had the money and time I would do so much more. But I am glad that I saw 100 Monkeys and met Peter and did a few other things Twilight related. ;)

    And thank goodness for all of you guys because I can't even begin to explain it to most people. I see people and they say 'what have you been up to. What's new' and I just have to bite my tongue.