Sunday, May 1, 2011

Master of the Universe Tribute

Warning this post contains spoilers from Master of the Universe and Master of the Universe II by Snowqueens Icedragon.

Last week I received my email notice of the chapter update of MoTU II. I was at work and there was 10 minutes left of lunch break. So, do I start reading the update and stop at 1:00 or do I finish reading it and get back late from lunch. Well, I had to keep reading of course!

I’m reading along it’s a great chapter! Fifty is finally talking. He talks about Mrs. Robinson and Blip. They visit the new house and the meadow. I thought there was going to be some Kinky Fuckery in the playroom but then I read The End! I sat there. I didn’t know how I felt. I can’t believe it ended. Fifty has been a part of my life for a year and half. I didn’t want it to end but I have to say the last sentence was beautiful and perfect “…my Fifty Shades.” *sigh*

Icy has brought to us wonderful characters that we have come to love! We love Edward as Fifty. He is a megalomaniac that you want to hug and make it all better for him. I have wondered if he was real would I love him. Probably not, I would think he was a big ass! I wouldn’t be able to get to know him because he really doesn’t let others in unless I was his Bella.

Icy’s Bella is a beautiful, smart, warm, independent and caring young women. She is perfect for Fifty. They love each other so much.

I Love Fifty too!

This is a great love story! Icy has made me laugh, cry, angry, frustrated, feel love and lust through her words.

I have mentioned this in other blog postings that I know that Fifty is a fictional character but every time I go to Seattle I actually think about him. I always say “Hi, Fifty” in my mind…well sometimes I say it out loud. I know that is crazy but I can't help it. Icy has made him seem so real to me!

Me outside Escala

If you haven’t read Master of the Universe, I don’t know where you have been…under a rock perhaps? Even my husband has read it and he really liked it.

Don’t despair, if you haven’t read it. It is being published! I can’t wait! It is titled Fifty Shades of Grey. You can preorder it here at

My favorite quote from the story is from chapter 71:
"We're lovers, Isabella. Lovers don't need safe words."

I think it is funny that my favorite chapter is 50. It is the one with Thomas Tallis’ Spem In Alium playing in the headphones. The music, the blindfold, the flogger! Ugh! I can’t say more!

My ongoing tribute to MoTU is my Laters Baby sticker on the back of my car. I love it when people ask me about it and I tell them about the story!

If you want a sticker email mail me at and I can make one for you for $2.00 for supplies and postage.

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Last but not least I have to thank Icy for bringing us this epic story! Congratulations on getting Fifty Shades of Grey published. I can’t wait to own the book. I have loved reading the adventure of your Edward and Bella. I have loved their chemistry. I loved their signature lines in the emails. I loved Bella’s smart mouth. Of course I love their Kinky Fuckery but most of all I loved their Love! This story will always have a place in my heart! Thank you!


  1. Isn't it sad when one of your favorite stories is over? I'm so glad this one's getting published so we can read it anew! Great tribute!

  2. Gah the emails back and forth at the BEST!!!! I love how Bella talks back to him. :)

  3. Awesome post! And I LOVE your sticker on your car! I think I may just have to take you up on the offer to make me one!!!! It's so cute!
    MotU is one of my favorite stories ever and I am so excited that it is going to be in print form! Can't wait to get mine!

  4. Gah! Thomas Tallis! Yes!!! I absolutely love this piece - and it has a special place in my heart too...

    Sticker? I have to say that, since I got my Volvo last year, I've avoided all types of sticker, but yours would SO look good on it - the best thing is that nobody would know ;-)

    I'll be contacting you shortly...

    CC x

  5. Your sticker on your car was one of the things that stick out in my mind the most about FOOOORKS. I was like, "who the fuck is Fifty???"

    Nooow I get it!! ;)

  6. Awesome sticker!

    I probably wouldn't love Fifty as much if he was a real person... but as a character I want to hug all the pain right out of him! I sometimes think of him as a real person that is out of reach, like the other side of the country out of reach, but I kinda want to be able to pick up the paper and read about CEH and its CEO!

  7. Oh, Demanda. LMAO!!! I was just the opposite in FOOOORKS. I was like, "Who the fuck is the awesome person who owns the vehicle with the Fifty stickers???"

    Twi-Lin, this is a great post, and I knew it would be because I know you are a devoted fan. You echoed my sentiments exactly about the way it ended. I wasn't ready. But then again, I probably never would be ready. In my review to Icy, I thanked her for ending it with Fifty in his faded jeans and bare feet though :)

    It has been great reliving the MotU experience with everyone.


  8. Lovely!

    I especially love that first graphic. The "I don't make love..." quote is a favourite of mine.

    Thank you for participating in the tribute, bb. It's been awesome! xx

  9. OMG that car sticker!! That's fabulous that you make them! I have to add that to my list of art this story has inspired!!!

    It was great to read about your love of this story!

  10. I remember when you showed me the car stickers!
    Thank you so much for this.