Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess what today is???

Celebrate Good-Times!!! Come on!!!! (cue Kool and the Gang!)

This morning when I got to work, I asked my co-workers, "Do you know what today today is?" *Jumping and clapping Alice style* I was very excited!

I saw a few "Do I want to know" faces. Someone asked if it was Robert Pattinson's birthday...I was like, where were you when I announced that last month? It's May 13th. Duh!

Drum roll..."It's my two- year TWI-VERSARY!!!!!"

Reactions were:
Wow! Really??? *sarcasm* *eye rolls*
My God It's only been two years? You have changed a lot in two years.

I have changed a lot in two years!
Sweet innocent Twi-Lin isn't that innocent anymore but I think I'm still sweet! *heehee*

My husband has asked me how a book about an
insecure little girl has made me into a insatiable woman...I'm like it's all about the fanfiction!
I am not going to rehash how Twilight has changed my life because I have blogged about it and enjoy the pictures below:


  1. Happy twi-versary Twi-Lin! Wow, two years. Time flies! I'm pleased to have gotten to know you over the last year and cannot wait until 100MONKEYS IN SEATTLE!!!!

    Yay! In thirty-two days, I'll be on the same continent as you :-)

    W/V - anonal - eww. No thanks. Exit only.

  2. Happy Twi-versary!! Some people just don't get it, but if they read fan fiction I bet they would :)

  3. Yayeeeee!! Happy Anniversary bb! :)

  4. Two years in! YAY! The FF really did take over! Is that how men see it? 'A book about an insecure girl' because I think women see it as 'A book about Edward' LOL It'll always be him. It's always been him.