Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's never too late....Fooooorks 2011

As a lot of you know I went to Forks last fall with the Twitards!!! I never wrote a blog post basically 'cause I'm lazy and I then thought it was too late to post one but hey it's never too late. My dear friend, Dangerdafne is writing blog post of her trips from the last year and she inspired me to post this one!

This post will mostly be pictures from the trip:
The Eddies at the Sol Duc Falls

Our Tour Group!

First Beach!
The Twitarded event was held at the Elks Lodge and the Elk stopped by to say "Hi."
My hubby went along this year. He didn't want to celebrate our 23rd Anniversary alone.
Getting a little personal with cardboard Edward.
Dancing to Orson Brawl.
Giant Woody in the forest.
Good thing there is a Beaver Fire Department nearby!

Saw a sparkly vampire!

Rialto beach!

My husband took this picture! I was so excited to see Salmon jumping up the river!

Me and a bunch of my favorite people!!!
Taking a picture of the "scenery."
The "scenery" taking of picture of us.

I'm looking forward to Forks 3.0 this fall even if Twitarded isn't hosting this time.
Double-Dippin and My After Car are putting it all together.

The dates are October 11-14 in Forks/LaPush.

Thursday, October 11, many are staying at the LaPush cabins/hotel. I won't be there this night. I have to work on Friday morning. :(

Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13 is the Forks Motel.

If you are interested in going this year...let me know or contact one of the ladies above.

Good Times!!!!


  1. Nope never too late. I love your pictures. Can't wait to go back again :)

  2. This will be the highlight of October (And with Halloween coming, that says a lot.)

  3. Loved your pics! I hope I get to go this year so we can get our pic together!

  4. If it's never too late to post then it's never too late for me to leave a comment even though this is late to be chiming in even by my really low standards... but THIS made me so warm & fuzzy! you took some great pics and I am glad that you and your husband spent your anniversary with us!

    SO BUMMED that I can't go back this year - I don't know what it is about the PNW but it totally PWND me (see what I did there???).

    : )