Sunday, October 9, 2011

I <3 Sam Bradley!
Sam and I. My daughter says I look like creepy fan girl! Oh well!
Last Thursday evening I got to go see Sam Bradley’s show up in Seattle with @tipsy_daisy. She is such a great friend and goes with me to events so I don’t have to go by myself.

Sam wearing a beanie!
We were the second group of people that went in. As we walked in Sam was standing along the wall and I said Hi and that I was looking forward his performance. He said thank you. After we parted I did a little squeeee dance in my head.

I wasn't quick enough to get his set list but another fan did.
 I had downloaded all his available songs on Itunes awhile back and had been listening to them during work so I would be familiar with his songs. I love his soulful voice. I love the song Details. You can download it free on his website.

Earlier that evening I sent a tweet that I was at his show and my friend @LCM174EV asked me to thank him for the help he did for Magnolia Disaster Relief (MDR). He donated an autographed shirt and set list for an auction that MDR had. After his performance I took a moment and chatted with him. I told him that my friend was the President of MDR and let him know that she really appreciated that he help out MDR’s auction. He was really humbled by my thanks and was glad to help out. I asked him if we could take a picture together and he said sure! He was really sweet and gave me a hug! I was giddy the rest of the evening!

Sam is the second one of Rob’s friends that I have seen live. I saw Bobby Long back in January. You can read about it here. I am looking forward to buying Marcus Foster’s music. I admit that if I wasn’t a fan of Rob’s I would have never heard about these guys.  Their music stands on their own! They are great musicians and I enjoy their music and show! Everyone should check out their music!!!

Below are the videos that I took:


  1. I've never heard any of Bobby, Sam, or Marcus' music. I'm such a fail! But since you rec'ed 100 Monkeys to me and I LOVE them... might have to listen to these men. :)

  2. Wonderful story. I am so glad you got to see him. HonoluluGirl/Suzie just posted lots of stories about seeing Sam in Hawaii. Lucky you

  3. So cool you got to meet him in addition to the show!