Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue October Concert

How does Blue October relate to Twilight?  Well they did inspire Stephenie Meyer during her writing and Stephenie and Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October did the Breaking Dawn concert series. Who can forget when Edward sings 18th Floor Balcony to Bella in Emancipation Proclamation. So that is why I'm posting videos from the concert I went to on September 24th in Seattle.

I was really excited to go see the show Justin is an amazing song writer and seeing him live was a very intense emotional experience.  I was moved by the power of the performance it was almost a spiritual experience.  I will most definitely see them again.

As far the the videos below - the quality is not the best.  I recorded it from my daughter's little camera but it's better than not having anything.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Escala - Where Fifty Lives

You may think I need a mental evaluation after you read this and maybe I do. But whenever I go to Seattle I always think about Fifty. I know he isn't real but Icy makes him seem so real!

When I was reading MOTU, I didn't realize that Escala was a real condo property in Seattle until I read another story where Edward lived at Escala. Then I decided to take Edward's advice from the Twilight Movie and "Google it."

Once I saw a picture of Escala from the website. I remembered that when I was at the Twilight Convention back in January that our hotel room overlooked Escala.

I remember telling my friend about MOTU as we were looking at the view and admiring Escala.

I was looking through my pics the other day and I remembered I had one of Escala.

Sorry the pic is so wobbly. Escala is the building on the far right.

Twitarded Goes to FOOOOOORKS ~ Me toooooooo!

In 19 days, I am joing a bunch of Twihards that are making the pilgrimage to Forks, WA.

You may ask haven't you been there before?  Yes I have!

Then why are you going? Well, I am going because there are some amazing people coming to the great State of Washington from all over the country and the WORLD to go to little Forks, WA.  I feel like I should be part of the Twilight Welcome Wagon since I only live 3 1/2 hours away from Forks.

I am also looking forward to meeting my Twitter Twi-sisters.

I am taking one of my BFF's and she is bring along another friend who is a little scared.

This trip is going to be a lot of fun craziness!!!

Below is the link for all of the crazy details: