Saturday, September 11, 2010

Escala - Where Fifty Lives

You may think I need a mental evaluation after you read this and maybe I do. But whenever I go to Seattle I always think about Fifty. I know he isn't real but Icy makes him seem so real!

When I was reading MOTU, I didn't realize that Escala was a real condo property in Seattle until I read another story where Edward lived at Escala. Then I decided to take Edward's advice from the Twilight Movie and "Google it."

Once I saw a picture of Escala from the website. I remembered that when I was at the Twilight Convention back in January that our hotel room overlooked Escala.

I remember telling my friend about MOTU as we were looking at the view and admiring Escala.

I was looking through my pics the other day and I remembered I had one of Escala.

Sorry the pic is so wobbly. Escala is the building on the far right.

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