Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Attraction of Sparkleward

Back in October during our trip to Forks, My friends and I interrupted Curious George and Sparkleward getting it on in the Hoh Rainforest!  It was a sight that you don't see everyday!

 George to Sparkleward - "Who's your Spidermonkey? Say It! Say it out loud!" 

Then this past weekend Sparkleward attracts Garfield at my friend Charla's house.

Garfield is checking Sparkleward out! I wonder if he still smells like the monkey?

Garfield decided to chillax and rest on Sparkleward's lap.

Bella got jealous and sat down in between Garfield and Sparkleward.

Garfield decided to show her and reached out and touched Mini E's privates!
I am sure Garfield couldn't help himself with all of the Edward's around! There is only so much one little pussy can take!


  1. OME...this was *epic*!!! I'm still laughing over this!

  2. Love the pics.....though i'm sure you have some more "compromising" postions...based on what we saw in Forks!

  3. Hahaha awww, little Garfield, he was so "taken" with SparkleWard!

  4. Lol I LOVE Garfield!!! Had so much fun this weekend! :)
    Miss yooooooooou.