Monday, November 22, 2010

My Edwards

When I read Twilight and New Moon for the first time, I totally pictured my junior high/high school boyfriend Mark as Edward. Mark was my first “true” love and the first one that broke my heart.

Mark and I all dressed up for my 9th grade dance! Still happy and in love!

When I read the break up scene in New Moon, it took me right back to September 1985 when Mark broke up with me. I remember saying “You don’t want me anymore?” SM stole that line from my memory. Then I remember doing the Kristen stutter “W…what? – I – W…what? I don’t understand?” I probably blinked my eyes a lot too.

Mark and before Fall Tolo - 10th Grade. He had already broke my heart a couple of weeks before the dance but said he would still take me! I should have stayed home!
Then at times when I’m reading, the Edward I picture is how my husband looked when we first got together. 
I think my honey was kind of hot back in the day!
This was our wedding day! October 1, 1988. 
He was bald because he was going through chemo at the time.

We had pictures taken later when his hair came back.

I think that reason I picture Mark is because he was my first love and I picture my hubs is because he is my true love, my soul mate, my Edward and Twilight is a love story about true eternal love.

In Master of the Universe, by Snowqueens Icedragon, one of my top fav ff stories, I totally picture Henry Cavill as my Edward/Fifty. I can understand why Stephenie Meyer said he was her perfect Edward!

I think this youtube video captures the essence of Fifty.

  I really like to picture Rob as Rob!

So Sexy!

I love his smile!

Well Hello!

Jaw - Gahhhhh!

Reading Twilight Fanfiction most of the time my Edward’s do not even have a face. I call him No Face Edward. I am just weird or does that happen to others?

Who do you picture as Edward?


  1. I love the blog re-vamp! :)

    I really liked reading this blog, I too still have a special place in my heart for my first love. Thankfully, I have never pictured him as my Edward! LOL My husband is definitely my Edward.

    When playing pretend time, lol, Henry Cavil makes a GREAT Edward. It's hard not to think of Rob when I hear Edward, though. Which when I think about it, is not all that bad. :)

  2. @Charla - Thanks for commenting on the re-vamp -I'm still playing around...I was tickled that I figured out how to add a banner and different backgroud. My dd said it was me since I'm a doodler! :)

    It's great when hubs is your Edward! :) and no it is not a bad thing to think about Rob as Edward! :)