Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well kids…I hate to admit this but my whole twi-obsession seems to be waning. It’s kinda scary to admit but it’s true. I think it is the same for some of you as well.

A few weeks back I decided to change my twitter name to @Chye_Lin which is another spelling for my name. I have also decided to change my blog name to Chye-Lin’s Contemplations. I will still keep the url at this time since other blogs link to mine and changing it would break their link.

Twi_Lin was fun name but five years from now I do not think I will still want to be Twi_Lin. The only place I plan to keep will keep my Twi-Lin name is on fanfiction.

I think I am more of a Rob & Kristen fan now than just a Twilight fan. I’m so excited for their career’s to move beyond Twilight and for them to be successful in what they do.

I don't know who created this collection but I love it!!! How can you not love Rob & Kristen?
I still love Twilight. I can’t believe how much my life has changed because of reading the saga but I have a hard time reading the books. I love the movies mostly because of Rob and Kristen. I think I will always love to read Twilight Fanfiction. There are so many amazing writers. I like the twist they put on the twilight characters. I even don’t mind when they just use the names to write their own stories. There would be no way I would find about their stories if they didn’t write it as fanfiction.

...but not everything.

I do think my blog will still be Twilight related since it is still a part of my life but I don’t want to limit it just to Twilight.

I am grateful for Twilight and through the fandom it brought so many wonderful people into my life!

Here are a few of my favorite Twitard Sisters and a handful of Brothers. :)


  1. Change is good. I will follow you anywhere with any name, so we are good to go :)