Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi I'm Twi-Lin and I LOVE 100 Monkeys

My friend @twikiwi50 came into town from New Zealand. She is on an epic west coast U.S. holiday. Check out her blog to see her adventures. It just happened to be the same week that 100 Monkeys came into town. What perfect timing for her!

My BBF @tipsy_daisy and I sped up to Seattle last Wednesday night after work to meet up with @twikiwi50, @red_bella, and @kitty_elvis for dinner in Seattle. After dinner we of course had to get pictures at Escala since it was across the street. Unfortunately there were no sightings of Fifty but we did get some strange looks from people as we took pictures outside the building.
@twikiwi50, me, @kitty_elvis
The next morning, earlier than we originally planned, @tipsy_daisy and I headed back up to Seattle because 100 Monkeys were doing an in-store show at the Best Buy at Northgate. I will always give up some sleep for 100 Monkeys. I didn't give it a second thought.

@kintail joined up with us and it was fun meeting other 100 Monkey fans as we waited.
They played 3 songs and then signed autographs.

 When it was over we headed over to Macaroni Grill for a late lunch. Yum.
I like that you can color on the table at Macaroni Grill!
 Oh I almost forgot to mention that @twikiwi50 won a meet and greet for her and her friends!!!! Squeeeeee!
@twikiwi50 had never seen a parking pay station like this. She was cracking up!

We had to be at Chop Suey an hour early to wait a bit until they let us in to meet the boys. @twikiwi had an extra M&G ticket and she included our new friend @mrsbowiejackson from Bosie, ID in too!

I was a bit nervous and sometimes I say really dumb things when I'm nervous. I didn't want to be a that creepy fan girl. I had left over Toy Story bracelets from my grandson's 2nd birthday party and decided to give them to the guys because my little guy loves to listen to 100 Monkeys and loves Toy Story. I told them that every time we are in the car he says, "Gammy...listen to ohohoh song." which is Orson Brawl. They really seemed interested in what I had to say and they were like "Really, that's cool." When I handed out the bracelets they were like I want Buzz, I want Woody. Ben G. said that he could make a comment about Woody and I said "It's Toy Story guys, we're keeping it clean." They laughed.

Photo by @twikiwi50 - if you look closely you can see the Woody bracelet that I gave him

I got to spend a couple of minutes talking to Ben J. and Jerad. I wanted to know what key Invisible Monsters is in because I love the key board part in the beginning and I wanted my daughter to figure out how to play it and then teach me. She said it is easier for her if she knows what key to start with. I told them that she was a music major and they thought it was cool. Then it got a bit crazy rushed so we could have pictures and then have to head out so the next group could come in.

Here is our group - @tipsy_daisy, Ben J, Me, Jerad, @kintail, Jackson, @red_bella, Ben G, @twiKiwi50, Uncle Larry, Megan, @mrsbowiejackson
 Of course I was so happy that @twikiwi50 was getting to see them! I love to share my love of 100 Monkeys with new people!

Once we could head into the bar area we rushed in to claim seats at the front so we didn't have to stand all night. Then I noticed that @twikiwi50 was standing outside the bar in front of me. Apparently you need a passport for ID. They only accept ID from the US or Canada. I actually started to get a bit teary eyed because it is a stupid law and you couldn't have drinks outside the bar area. Fortunately @red_bella took charge and talked to the manager and @twikiwi50 was able to get in. We had lots of fun!
Silly Monkey trying to go swimming in Rum & Coke!
Me, @tipsy_daisy,@red_bella, @twikiwi50

This pic reminded me of Liquid Zoo.

Friday my hubs and I headed over to Spokane (5 hour drive) to visited his best friend and his family because 100 Monkeys just happened to be having a show there on Saturday Night. I had contacted the venue earlier to get handicapped seating because my hubs needed it and we got to go in the venue before anyone else. WIN! We got front center seats in the bar area. I saved seats for @chrisranberg (aka Rottymama) and @kintail. This was the first show that there was actually a decent number of guys at the show and I took 2. I'm glad that their fan base is expanding. It may have been because of Twilight that got me to see them in the first place but it is their music and showmanship that keeps me going.
My hubs and friend waiting for show to start



100 Monkeys makes Chris and I smile!
Once again I had so much fun as I always do at their show. After the show they did a signing. I told them that after 8 performances I finally took my husband and his friend to a show. They asked my guys if they liked the show and of course they said Yes. They thanked them for coming and I had them sign their wonderful piece of literature Every Monkey Dookies.

My crazy fun weekend isn't over. On Sunday morning we headed home. I had planned to meet with with @twikiwi50, @StarlitViolets, @musingbella, @tipsy_daisy for dinner in Olympia. Our usual 5 hour drive ended up being over 7 because of an accident at Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 but finally we met up with the girls and had a wonderful time talking and enjoying each other's company. After a bit they wanted to go sing some Karaoke but I was really tired after my whirlwind weekend and headed home.
Me, @musingbella, @starlitviolets, @twikiwi50, @tipsy_daisy
 I can't believe that it has already been a week since this amazing adventure started! I love that because of a book called Twilight, I have been able to meet such lovely women from around the world! I can't wait for Foooooooorks!


  1. It was so great to get to hang with you again! It was an epic adventure! I'm sure we'll have many more. Hope to see you in Forks! MWAH!

  2. Great post love! You've got some great pics. It's been amazing meeting you all and I too love that because of a little book series we have all become friends for life! xxx

  3. *Raises hand* "Um, I'm new here, I have be biten by the monkey(s) too"
    That was soooo much fun! I love the Grape CD. I have listen to Liquid Zoo, but I keep singing Wings on Fire. I've been imitating Ben G's voice. The hubs just LOL's at me. Then I have to play it again for him.
    Ur hubs got some good pics!

    I need to take my 50 Shades book and take a pic in front of Escala. Need to put that on my to do list.


  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I love that you documented this since I missed it. I'm glad I at least got to hang out for dinner. Love you ladies. xo

  5. This was a fabulous adventure and glad I got to share it with you! Monkey road trips are the best.

    And the boys made 2 new fans - Megan was blown away and even my cousin was impressed.

    Remember - next time they tour we are going to abandon our real lives and follow them around the country. Monkeyheads unite!

  6. OMG!! How completely wonderful! I loved all of this!!! I knew about your trip with Amy but not the rest!

    @kintail--lucky lady standing between mohawtie and Jackson!

    YES THIS!!! --->'Started seeing them because of Twilight but the music and showmanship keeps me going' You said it perfectly!

    Umm Jackson in a red shirt and black vest? ::DED::

  7. I finally made it over here - loved reading your Monkey Tales! It was so fun to hang out with you last Sunday, and I can't wait to see you again in Forks!

  8. Thanks everyone for reading the post! It was such a fun time!

    @starlitviolets & @Musing Bella - I'm glad I got to spend some time with you!

    @kitty elvis Love you too! :)

    @twikiwi50 I am so very glad you came here on holiday so we can be friends for life! :)

    @rottymama I'm glad I got to experience you seeing 100 Monkeys for the 1st time! It was fun!

    @kintail I'm glad Megan and your cousin enjoyed the boys. I was worried I might have scared them with my enthusiasm. I so wish we could abandon our real lives and become real monkeyheads...I need to win the lotto or something so we can. :)

    @tonguetwied Jackson in about anything leaves me DED :) I actually have a bit of a thing for Ben J. after spending a few minutes talking to him and he remembered me in Spokane. He is the "quiet one" of the group but I think he would be a great guy to hang out with.