Friday, July 30, 2010

100 Monkeys

I went to see 100 Monkeys last night in Seattle with my neice Adriel. We went and had a yummy dinner at Pyramid Alehouse and then got in line about 5:15. There were about 20 or so people in front us. So I knew we would get a close spot. :) 

I had an extra ticket because my friend couldn't come with us. I wasn't sure what to do with it but this guy was asking if anyone had an extra ticket so I gave it to him. The gals in front of us said he was going to scalp it but I didn't care he looked like he needed the money more than me.

They let us in at 7:00. We ended up front and center. There were only 2 people in front of us. Yay!!! The show was sold out and it was really packed.

I didn't catch the names of the opening acts. The opening band was not bad; they were rocking it! The second act was this guy from New York. He was good and had a Jim Morrison vibe going on.

Finally we got to see the Monkeys!!! They were great and fun! This is my second time seeing them and I had a blast!!! They make me feel young.

Here are some pictures from the show! I know that is what you really want to see. :)

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